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Mental Status Exam Form Client Stature below average average above average Date Coordination and Gait no difficulties some anxiousness and restlessness some clumsiness used a cane awkward staggered
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In the second section of the Mental Status examination we will learn about thought process my name is Tom field and I produced and narrated this training series let's look at the overview we will learn via a scaffolding process in this section we will learn about thought process and review affect and mood in the next section we will learn about memory and review affect and mood and thought process in each section there are guided practice activities at the end of the eight sections there is an end of training test I encourage you to follow the handout as we progress you can use scrap paper for guided practice if you'd like there's also a sheet available for this and as we view the video case studies there are going to be times occasions during guided practice when it's not going to be completely clear whether the client is exhibiting one aspect or element of the mental status examination and in those occasions it's okay to indicate unable to assess the definition of thought process is how a person makes sense of the world and makes connections between content thought process has three elements form of thought attention and speed of thought the last two are going to be grouped together for this training we'll look at form of thought first form of thought exists on a continuum beginning at logical and ending with flight of ideas logical is considered normal or typical and flight of ideas is considered abnormal or atypical and as we progress from logical to circumstantial to tangential to loose associations and finally to flight of ideas the clients connections made between content becomes less strong less apparent in addition as we go through form of thought it's important to remember that thought pricing process in general manifests in the content of the clients speech so we often assess a client's thought process based on their verbal content logical form of thought is described as clear direct connections made between content one idea flows directly into another after my mom left me that message I thought you know I should call her and just give her a piece of my mind but but then I'd started thinking and you know she's just so stubborn and I just don't think anything I say is gonna make a difference so um you know there there's just no point in putting myself through that I mean she's she's not going to change so really the only thing I have control over is how I respond to her in this example if we listen closely to the clients verbal content we will see that clear direct connections are made between one idea and another the client begins by describing how she was going to call her mother then started thinking that anything she said was not going to make a difference that her mother was not going to change and that the only thing she has control over is how she responds to her mother you can see here there is a logical flow of ideas connections are made directly between content this is known as a logical form of thought circumstantial form of...
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The Mental Status Exam (MSE) is a standard tool used by clinicians to assess the basic functioning of a client. ... The assessment categories include mood, cognition, perception, thoughts, behaviors, insight, and judgement. This printout was carefully formatted to be professional, clean, easy-to-use, and comprehensive.
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